Sunday, May 18


... I couldn't tear my eyes away from this. I bit like a car crash, I thought she was going to eat one of the bebe mice, or drop one, or crush it accidentally.
And their HANDS, they are FILTHY - ick.

And is it not amazing that no matter how drug-fucked a person's mind is, they still make silly kissy noises and talk in high bebe voices when dealing with young animals?


Anonymous said...

Where is their mother?? - the mice babies mother that is. did you know that the skin of mouse pups is so transparent that you can see the milk flowing into them as they suckle? and obviously their blood flowing too because the stoned man said somthing like "wow! you can see it's blood pumping"
i would like some bebe mice.....i think i migt get a puppy for my birthday!!!!!!!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I know - I wondered that too, where is mummy mouse? I worry for those bebe mice, sometimes mummy mice eat their bebeies if the smell of human.
As for the puppy - NO WAY, NO FAIR, I want a puppy - besides, won't it be the 7-year-old's puppy, hmmm?

Urban Koda said...

Hey you!!! Out of the gene pool!