Tuesday, May 6

New things ...

... I found a new sweetie shop today, Sugar Fix. It sells all sorts of things you can't usually find in Australia, overseas sweetie goodies.
And so, I have now tasted Peeps, purple bunnies, and will never do so again.
I also got some original Haribo gummibears, some Leone Pastilles and some Dolfin Dark Lavender chocolate. These, I'm sure, will remove the Peep taste from my mouth.


purpleronnie said...

Those really don't look so appetising - food that bright can not be good! What's it made of? The rest = YUMMMMMY!

Urban Koda said...

Peeps are an acquired taste. You really need to let them sit for a couple of days so they get hard. They still taste pretty bad, but if you can force yourself to eat them for a couple of years, they aren't too bad.

Man!! I have been a way from decent sweets and chocolate far too long!

Anonymous said...

I equate Peeps with fruit cake - tastes nasty, but it's not really easter/christmas without it.

cookiecrumb said...

I wish I had been there to save you from the Peeps.
I've still barely forgiven my parents for them.

Zoomie said...

Ya gotta love Peeps - I don't eat them, I use them for centerpieces because they are so funky!

Urban Koda said...

Speaking of centerpieces...

I thought this was hilarious... Just to give some background. Elliot Spitzer was the governor of New York State. He recently resigned after he was caught requesting a prostitute be sent from a New York Escort agency to visit him in Washington DC - Apparently he was a regular customer.

The link is here

e said...

Peeps is probably going to be one of those things I never try. Like Twinkies. I have never tried one, and never will.

Koda: that was funny.

Pink Granite said...

Peeps are lovely to look at - well sort of - and good for "Peeps Art", but eating not so much!
How was the lavender chocolate?
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Wow, so many Peeps comments – I’ll start by saying they didn’t actually taste of anything, just really, really SWEET, gritty sweet.
Ronnie – they seemed to be made of a soft sort of chalk.
UK – If you let them go hard, wouldn’t that just be like eating sweet chalk? Loved the Peepshow – I think I saw it on Cuteoverload or somesuch place before but it still made me laugh out loud in the work environment.
Willsie, I’m not a big fan of fruitcake either, but in December, I just say NO 
Cookie, I sort of wish you’d been there to slap my hand away from the Peeps too, but then again, I’ve heard/read about them for so long, I just had to try. Like Twinkies, I’m so going to eat one of those one day. I’ll regret it but what the hell, I’m a brave girl.
Zoomie, I was going to link you to that Peep show and suggest you make it your next centrepiece, but UK beat me too it, damn his eyes!
Lee – the Lavender Chocolate, really lovely, just a hint of the floral in amongst the most excellent dark chocolate, definitely to be tried again and perhaps the green tea flavour next time too.