Monday, May 26

Brutto ma Buono ...

... that Mad Eater's latest post, Is It Pretty? No. Is It Good? Yes, got me thinking about the whole ugly but good phenomenon. Let me list some of those things that I'm surprised I eat but am soooo glad I do ...
Marinated Fetta - it looks like curdled bebe sick, in oil. But my oh my is it a good thing.
Bean Soup, the blended kind - it looks like an unfortunate accident the cat had on the carpet. But it tastes like earthy, gutsy heaven.
Pâté, yuck, the colour is revolting and that crust of clarified butter? ick. And yet, when smeared onto crisp bits of toast, mmmmm m.
Octopus, it looks like some horror creature from the deep. Swish it in some marinade and then bbq until the tentacles are crisp, No, wait, is IS a monster from the deep. Still tastes great though.
Savoury Mince, comfort food I suspect only Australians of a certain age (and cultural background) will know about, brown sludge with bits. However, on a cold night, when you're feeling a bit lazy & blue, it's like a hug from the past.
Vegemite, yes it looks like axle grease I don't care. A whisper waved over your crumpet and bingo yummo.
Hot Porridge with Brown Sugar (and cream), let's not go into exactly what this looks like, you all know as well as I do. But as a winter breakfast, when that certain someone jacks up and refuses to stand in a 1/2 hour queue for egg & bacon rolls, perfection.
Oysters, they look like you sneezed out a bit of your brain and yet ... Actually no, you lose me on the oysters, no way am I putting one of those things in my mouth! Gimmie a mussel on the other hand, which is hardly a beauty queen, and I'm happy as a clam.


Zoomie said...

This is hilarious - I laughed out loud! But, do try the oysters - they are great once you work up the courage to take the first gulp!

cookiecrumb said...

Thank you!
I love your list. You have the makings of a meme here, dolling.

Anonymous said...

Zoomie, I have actually tried, cols, salty, slick, revolting!
Cookie - oooh ping! one loves a good meme.

Anonymous said...

COLD - damn fingers let me down again!

Pink Granite said...

Your descriptions are vivid, accurate and I'm already working hard to forget them so I can continue to enjoy the food!!!
You lost me at octopus. I don't even like squid as calamari all that much!
Is savoury mince like mincemeat? And if so, is it the kind with actual minced meat or just the fruit version?
I've never tried Vegemite, but I understand it's distinctively Australian and an acquired taste!
I love oysters. They taste like the essence of the ocean to me.
BTW, so glad you corrected cols to cold. I was ready to look up cols in the dictionary!
- Lee

Anonymous said...

Och, Ms Mouse - I'm being terribly unoriginal when I say that your list would be scarily similar to my own, were I to compile one (but I am lazy). Your descriptions are *fabulous* ... I must also draw the line at oysters tho. Unless they are served Kilpatrick style, I avoid them like the plague. The look and the feel of them slithering down my throat is enough to make my stomach turn. Pickled mussels on the other hand ... mmmm. Slurpy. Lovely.
I agree with CookieCrumb re the memeness of your postage. It has much potential :) xxxx

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, you know they call calamari "puppies of the sea" don't you? When I heard that I couldn't eat a plate of salt n' pepper calamari for, ooooh, 10 minutes probably.
Savoury Mince, is indeed minced meat (beef) aka ground beef, cooked with all sorts of flavourings (including HP Sauce(, veg and rice (or that wee rice-shaped pasta) and served with hot buttered toast and served only in front of the TV watching DisneyWorld on Saturday nights. I think you had to be there.
As for Vegemite, you probably did have to grow up with it, I'm advised Marmite is a more "kind & gentle" version (for WIMPS).
Mr Brown would agree with you on the oyster front, he's a bit of an oyster wanker (you should hear him discussing & ordering at our fav seafood place, I BLUSH). I've not been able to eat them since I read MFK Fisher's Consider the Oyster where she casually mentioned they should be eaten live, so you feel them wriggle as they go down your throat - ARRRRRRRRGGGGGG.
CAW - you're not lazy, your horribly ill poor bebe.

Pink Granite said...

We must share a distant cultural background because savoury mince sounds lovely and cozy...