Wednesday, September 19

This is why I ...

... can't blog sometimes.
Can't email sometimes.
Can't get up to save the burning toast.
Can't even take a reasonable photograph.
Can't reach the keyboard.
Can't shift to get comfortable.
Can't answer the phone (actually, that's a lie, there's a phone on the desk).
Will probably end up with some posture disorder or other.
I think it's known as the "furry impediment".
Oh, and this, too, obvy!


e said...

I myself suffer from a similar affliction.

Urban Koda said...

And this is why I have a dog...

Anonymous said...

UK - yes, a puppy that vomits I seem to recall.
Actually, the cats do that too - they DO smell better than dogs though, but refuse to play fetch on demand.

Urban Koda said...

I guess you've got me on the puking, although to be fair it's only happened once.
(I think he may have picked up an old piece of hotdog the kids had dropped on the floor.)

I could bring up the litter box thing, but that might also be trumped by the time I spend walking around picking up poop at night.

There was a really good article in mens health about the benefits of dog ownership... There's the exercise - except I do that anyway. There's companionship, which has been linked to a longer life and quicker recovery from illness - but I think cat owners faired pretty well in there as well. And the final pro was that guys with dogs generally find it easier to pick up women. That could be a good thing, except who would want to hang with a guy with 4 kids and a puking dog. And I guess the wife mightn't be too impressed either.

Anonymous said...

One day, if we ever get a back yard bigger than a laptop, I'm getting myself a puppy - Mr Brown always nixes the idea because he doesn't want to pick up the poo, but I'm sure when faced with a facelicking, tail wagging, puppy he'll change his mind - or we'll hire someone to do it, cos I'm not going to - yuck!
I wonder if I'll be able to pick up chicks then ;)