Friday, August 24

This is gold ...

... it just says it all really. Oh, and here, it just gets better. Why am I not surprised?
And Fiddles sent me this, I'm so going to be staring up at the moon on Tuesday night, I may even howl a bit.


Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL, the PMC is such a hoot isn't it. i nearly emailed that link to you yesterday but i knew you'd find it anyway LOLOLOL

there's more in today's news dot com dot au, closer to home. it's such a hoot.

dont people know that everything they write somewhere has a digital stamp? DUH! they're like the vacant peds who walk out in front of buses.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

tis all over the papers again today! teeheee, it really just shows how petty they can be.