Friday, August 24

I love Medicare ...

... yes I do. This week I had to see a doctor twice, couldn't get in to see my own (you practically have to book a week ahead - that's right, predict your illness) and it was late (7pm & 9:45pm) when Mr Brown could drive me (we're a 1 ute family) so I went to the local clinic/doctor shop. Brilliant, I flash them my medicare card, get to see a nice doctor within 10 minutes, get the prescriptions I need and certificates to say I don't have to go to work. Apart from the (cheap, cheap, cheap pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme subsidised) drugs it cost me not a penny.
Now, if I can, I go to see my costly doctor and yes we have private health insurance, but that's only for the big things, like Mr Brown's eye op. We are lucky, we can afford it if we need to. But I just love that Medicare keeps it affordable and that it pays for those who can't. I have no problem at all paying tax for this sort of thing, glad to do it.
oooh, and has anyone else noticed the add video button on blogger? Here's Pingu playing with her toob!

There's more over at Ping's blog.


Pink Granite said...

Hi -
You describe a very interesting multi-layered system of healthcare.
Healthcare, access to it and insurance for it, here in the U.S. is too much like a bell curve: excellent for some, non-existent for others and a mixed bag in between.
My state of Massachusetts has taken the bull by the horns and implemented some new policies which we are hoping will work well.
Hope you feel better very soon! And certainly in time for your next pizza night!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Mr Brown could literally bore you to death talking about the Australian health sector - but he says it boils down to this - where in the world would you rather be sick? Particularly if you are relying on the public purse? Answer HERE!

e said...

And Ping is too cute!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cutest kitty in the inner-west!

Anonymous said...

oh medicare, medicare ... how much i miss it. so easy. so simple. so free.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

AND don't forget the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme - when I compare what I may for MY Ventolin with what I pay for Small's Ventolin - I stagger back in HORROR.