Saturday, August 4

Looks like we ...

... are going to be hit with some huge butcher bills!
Went to the Golden Compass website today (loved that series of books), and there's a bit where you can create your own daemon! So of course I did. Meet Andreas.

Of course, Mr Brown had a go too. Meet Valthera.

That's 2 huge additional cats in the Brown-Mouse house. I don't think Ping & Small are going to be very impressed.


Anonymous said...

och! this was so fun! i got "romulus the tiger" but couldn't work out how to save him to my bloggage, so i shall have to take the quizz again. it's nearly 2.30am and i think my eyes are going all wonky from studying. blergh!

e said...

Wha--? Please 'splain to the foreigners.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Tis a movie made from a book E, in the book a person's "soul" lives outside the body in animal form, called daemons. The form it takes reflects your personality. You can go to the website for the movie, answer 20 questions and get your very own daemom!
If you enjoyed Harry Potter I suspect you'd like the P Pullman books tres tres mucho!