Saturday, August 25

Kitchen whispers ...

... a bit like chinese whispers.
I was making a lasagna this evening (smell & taste have returned about 80% yay) and rather than go to the effort of making a Béchamel I thought I'd make Jamie Oliver's (yes, yes I know) quick white sauce (a few anchovies, some Parmesan cheese and quite a bit of crème fraiche).
So I had my apprentice chef (Mr Brown) grate up a wodge of Parmesan and announced, "I'm going to make a cheats' white sauce".
Later, while emptying a rather large tub of King Island crème fraiche (about $5-$6 a tub) into the bowl, Mr Brown's eyebrows went up. "That's not a cheap white sauce" he opined. "No, a quick white sauce - cloth ears" was my response, rolling my eyes at his inattention.
Later, sipping a nice red (which I could taste YAY) I began to giggle. It had become clear, we'd been playing kitchen whispers.
I had to let him know I'd actually said cheats' - so he wouldn't go to bed thinking he'd gone completely deaf! (which is a worry, at his advanced age!)


e said...

Do you know that in Italy they don't use (or even know about) sour cream?

Anonymous said...

poor them, sour cream is most wonderful! - granted not even close to traditional but yumm just the same!