Thursday, July 19

Passive agressive ...

... notes.
I love this site - and this is from a person who once left a note on the bedroom door of a house mate that read, "Hey Steve, there's no such thing as the Washing Up Fairy". I'm embarrassed to admit, underlining may have been involved.

On a completely different note, if we had more than 2 stairs, I'd totally get this carpet.


e said...

When I get a stairway, I'll have that carpet.

Funny website!

LBA said...

That note is exactly like one I would write. I'm good at the ol' P/A.

That carpet is *way* funky, love it.
Will check out the site tonight ..

caw said...

Can you imagine coming home after a few cheeky chards and navigating that carpet to get upstairs to bed?

I would have to grip the rail just to get up and down each flight, LOLOLOL. T'is wonderful.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

CAW, I remember at an old work place they had to put stripes on the carpet in a dark hallway because people just didn't notice the stairs otherwise, drunk or sober!

LBA said...

Finally got around to checking out the link !! OMG - I love it !!

So much so, it prompted my own post ... which I linked back to you, of course ;)