Saturday, July 28

Dinner ...

... tonight will be in Parramatta. Christmas in July, it starts at 6:30. It's a work do, Mr Brown is obliged. Don't anyone say I'm not a GOOD WIFE! Sigh, at least we'll be home early.
Edited to add: Well boggle my mind. The restaurant, named for an ancient Greek tragedian, advertised itself as a Greek, Lebanese, Seafood Restaurant. This seemed an odd choice for an out-of-season Yuletide celebration, but I'm open minded and in we went. Entree was, like most weddings, an alternating non-choice of calamari or pastitsio. This was followed by a more traditional roast turkey, ham and veggies and, finally, plum (actually plumb) pudding and "brandied custard". Not exactly what I'd have chosen for my Saturday night (I'd planned to cook smokey-paprika lamb shanks with garlic mash) but it was for Mr Brown's work, it was for charity and, he taped Dr Who for me, so I'll stop complaining now.


Anonymous said...

...or as the kiwis would say: "pirrametta! thit's a hill ov a long way aye!"

my sympathies. ugh. quelle horreur.

i went to parra twice.
once to see an accountant.
and again to visit some homeless fellas to cook a christmas dinner for them. but that was for christmas in december rather than july.

did you have fun??

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Well there you go, Parramatta is clearly the place to go for xmas! I won't say I had fun as such but it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected - you just have to adjust and deal. The strangest thing was we were just about the oldest people there, sitting a at a table of folk in their mid-20s! Made me feel quite sophistomkated!