Monday, July 30

$5 haircut ...

... I got a $5 haircut today which is something I thought only boys could get. It was just a fringe trim really, it was starting to get in my eyes and curl in a very 1950s sort of way at the edges.
It's fine, there was none of the usual shampoo, blow drying farnarckling about, and it only took 10 minutes. Bonus and Bargain!
There's a football game on at the Leichhardt Oval tonight which means
(a) Mr Brown won't be able to find a park when he eventually decides to come home, and
(b) I got to walk all the way home behind 3 Welsh boyos who chatted about football, beer and what they did at the weekend in lovely burbling Welsh accents.
I wasn't really listening to what they said, it was just the accents. I love the Welsh accent, it's so friendly & cheery and it's the only reason I watch that dreadful Dr Who spin off, Torchwood, because it's set in Cardiff and employs just about every bit-playing actor in Wales.
Oh, and mustn't forget the July WordCloud.

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