Thursday, August 24

Up bright & early ...

... Well, 10am which may not be sparrow's fart but is quite early enough for this little dancing mouse. We're orf for a day jaunt to the lovely Hunter Valley where we will collect Mr Brown's freebie bottles from Saddlers Creek (the Marrowbone Chardonnay & Bluegrass Shiraz are big favourites at the Brown Mouse house) & have a nice lunch. Then home, a round trip of about 350km.
As Mr Brown often says, "it's a big country".

UPDATE: Home again, home again jiggity jig - with loot!We ended up lunching at Elizabeth's Cafe at the Mount Pleasant Winery, lovely. Wee quails and some salmon for me, puppies of the sea (he's a heartless bastard) and steak for Mr Brown. Two courses & a glass of wine, $35, not bad these days and the view was nice. Dry as all buggery but nice.

There's a few more pics over at Flickr - don't want to push my luck with the Blogger picture tool!


caw said...

ooo, the Hunter - how I miss those leisurely drives from one winery to another.
many wineries charge for tastings in the napa now.
US10 for 5 sips of vino. it's daylight robbery. after a few wineries, it can render one totally skint!
the francis ford coppolla winery wanted to charge US25 just to drive thru their gate.
i think we snorted thru our noses at them, laughed a alot and said "fuck off!" as we did a U-turn and drove away. it was very amusing.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

A few of the Hunter wineries now charge for sipping - not our Saddlers Creek though.
Hey, when you coming back, I quite fancy doing a wine tour with you, I suspect I would larf & larf & larf - get squiffy & fall asleep in the back seat of the car!