Tuesday, August 22

I'm terribly ...

... terribly nosy. I gawp, I gape, I stare. Oft is the time Mr Brown has to tactfully point out how blindingly obviously I'm eavesdropping on others. I can't help myself I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING.
One of the main reasons I dabbled in the dark arts of journalism (oh so many years ago) was that I could ask people the most impertinent questions and, because I was holding a pen and notepad, they would answer! It was brilliant!
Anyhoo, this is all a prelude to outing myself as an observer of what other people are buying at the supermarket. It's amazing the shit people buy and how much of it. I also like to speculate about their lives, based on their trolley load (I'm pretty shallow & judgmental).
Today, for instance, there was a woman with 6 loaves of Wonder White bread (well not really bread, sort of bread-like substitute. Something almost entirely but not completely unlike bread. I'm also a bread snob) and about the same number of MONSTER bottles of Coke! Also plastic pre-sliced cheese, shudder. I'm betting a couple of fat kids are a fact of her life.
Another woman had 4 big boxes of tissues and 2 small packs also of tissues. Her nose didn't look all that red or sore, perhaps she was rushing them back to a poor sick person at home.
I always smile at the people who have tiny tins of cat food, the gourmet ones (they smell better than the big tinned stuff - that smells like it came out of the wrong end of a cat already), and poo-tray filler, fellow fur-parents.
My mind boggles at the number of people who buy bottled pasta sauce, I mean really, how hard can it be to cook down a tin of Italian tomatoes ? (they taste better - except in the height of summer when home-grown, vine-ripened tommies make their way into the pot - oh gawd, I'm a tomato snob too)


caw said...

LOL I see them too with shopping trollies piled high with so much crap that my head just explodes.
Sometimes I have to avert my eyes for fear that they can hear what I'm thinking - and I can tell you, I rarely think nice things about anyone who has nothing but lashings of Coke, Twinkies, chips, bread, cakes (with MOCK cream), fried crapulence, frozen fruit, sugary snacks, Cheetos, etc.
These are the very people the crash carts and paddles were designed for.
I'm no angel in the food stakes (hell, I can't even cook the stuff) but FFS. The shite that masquerades for "food" in this country must be seen to be believed.
Rant over.
I'm exhausted.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Rant away my friend. You should hear me go onandonandon about the fact that you can buy pre-chopped onion, pre-chipped potato and pre-shreaded chicken meat (called loose chicken - erk).