Sunday, August 27

Sigh ...

... Back to work Monday.
No more lying about the house, covered in cats, reading.
No more getting up whatever the hell time I feel like it.
No more spur of the moment wanderings.
No more wearing the same pair of jeans for days at a time.
No more forgetting to wash my hair.
No more mid-morning cups of coffee made by my own personal barista.

No more hours of mild trawling the interweb.


caw said...

by the time you read this, you'll just be getting out of bed & readying yourself for the monday to friday onslaught.
it is nice not to have that daily grind, but you know .. you'd probably get sick of it after a few weeks and then maybe you'd really really want to go back to work???
the girls must have loved your company. work does rather suck sometimes does it not ...

caw said...

hey, are you gunna move your links from the bottom of the page to the top of the page??
it might be cuz the pics were so big - or there might be a long link in an entry or summink.
mine does it sometimes.
it's a queer thing.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I'm guessing it would take about 6months before I'd want to go out and do something other than lurk about the house with the girls - but my what fun I'd have.
Re the links, I think it is because of the HUGE photies and will right itself soon when they go into the archive - fingers crossed anyhoo.