Friday, August 25

Seeing this ...

Immediately made me think of Gerald Scarfe's Chairman Mao chair.
Scarfe was an illustrator, draughtsman, cartoonist - clearly with a wicked sense of humour.
Sorry, cannot remember where I filched this from ...

Ohhh, don't the toes just creep you out?

It was my mum who first showed me a picture of the Chairman Mao chair, she had it filed away in her office filing cabinet for ages - I suspect she filched it from the office photo library. I wonder if she kept it.


caw said...

Phroar, CRUMBS - i am loving both the footsie tootsie action and the chairman mao chair - whant funky items. i'd be creeped out sitting on the chairman's lap tho - you're right - those peculiar toes - but it's the fact that i'd be sitting on his tummy which would send me running from the room.
hey, did i tell you that i know a kitty kat called "chairman meow?" he is black, such a darling. great name, no?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

oooh, you couldn't SIT on him, his icky little belly button would press into your back - shudder
I too once knew a pusscat called chaircat meow!