Thursday, July 20

Rain ...

It's been raining, piss-bucketing, down for days and days and days - Sunday was the last sun I remember seeing. It's wet and cold and I'm tired of it now - none of the bloody stuff is falling in the dam catchment anyway. Sydney's inner west does have a nice new lake though, in Catherine Street, just near the tiny train station. The local council was actually pumping the water out of it today.
And some of the rain got into the Ute's innards and shorted out something and so I've been walking to & from the station in the rain ... blerg.
Ping finds the whole umbrella thing a lark though.


caw said...

Please can you send some of your rain to us? It is too damn hot here.
A vile humid sticky heat - yesterday (Saturday) was 45 C.
It's just not on.
Everyone hides inside to get away from it ... restaurants are packed to the gills, as are cinemas, pubs, cafes ... yesterday it caused a power outage b/c it's impossible to cope without a/c.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Hmmm this does not bode well for the Aussie summer does it? - we don't have A/c as we worship at the alter of the open window and cooling sea breeze but ... I'm wavering, falling for the delights of the false idol of electrical icy cool air (of couse we can't afford to install so will just suffer and burn). Blerg, summer is not my favourite season at ALL.