Monday, June 19

Not something I'd try myself

Also, this amazes me!


caw said...

But what does it say? I have tried to read this about 200 times and either I need coke bottle glasses or it really dunt make sense?!!! LOL

It's a very funny fotie I must say.


caw said...

PS: NO WAY on that baby bonus basket of baloney! I almost died of fright that parents-to-be could be so calculating but in the cole light of day, I suppose should not be so surprised as this is the materialistic capitalist society which J Dubbya Howard is cultivating ... he bringeth it upon his own head.

*sigh* People are flat out bizarre sometimes.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

It says "the way to eat poo is to fry with some beans + egg and yam" ick!
I can imagine someone I know asking his wife to hold her legs together so they can get the bigger bonus!