Monday, June 26

Inspired dinner ...

Sunday night, chicken thigh fillets thawed - turns out I forgot to buy pumpkin or cook chickpeas for a nice curry - what to do?
Turn to Lucullian Delights and knock up some Parsley Chicken & Braised Brussel Sprouts with Rosemary & Parmesan Cheese (I added some bacon batons and roughly chopped roasted chestnuts, because it was THERE), mmmmmmm.
Ooh, go see Ping wash her wee face.


caw said...

I love your ingenuity! As we are between homes, all the cooking tools are packed in boxes. So I went to Safeway to find something edible for dinner that was ready to chow down on.
Hmph. Bloody Safeway is useless.
I walked out with lumps of chopped up cheese, water crackers and apples. $15 later ... pfft.
Everything else needed to be cooked, or opened, or peeled.
At the check-out the little man asked me if I wanted a Safeway card - I said "no". He said "what?"
Fearing another Taco Bell incident I walked away. He called out "how about my phone number?".
Can you believe these jerks?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

YOu should have taken the number and telephoned him at 3 in the morning. Asked, "do you know who this is?" and when he said "no" say "well, fuck off then!" hehehehehehe I wish I could do that!