Wednesday, June 7

Good weather for ducks

Why is it rubber duckies never float properly?
So, it rained all Sunday night, all day Monday and most of Tuesday too. Sky does not look at all blue or sunny today either. On Monday (the coldest Sydney day for 2 years, the coldest June day for 11 years) Mr Brown & I went gurgle jug (aka a glug glug jug) hunting. Growing up with Spindle Shanks I had a constant envy going over her mum's glug glug jug. Any time I stayed for dinner we'd drink an inordinate amount of water just so we could use the glug glug jug. The concept is simple, the shape of the jug traps air creating the glugging noise. I LOVED that jug. Recently something reminded me of the jug (honestly couldn't say what) and I did an eBay trawl, I found one, "won" it and waited. It arrived and I realised I'd not read the description properly, it was only 7 inches (18cm) tall. Bugger, but never mind, back to eBay. Disaster, the biggest I can find is 9½ inches (24cm) tall. Not nearly as big as I remembered the jug of my childhood desires. Clearly I got one anyway but I still want a biggie! SS remembers it being about 12 inches tall (30cm) as do I. Now I know everything seems bigger in the eyes of a child but still the hunt continues. So anyway, the point is Mr Brown & I spent a cold afternoon (breathing steam & everything) at the Sydney Antique Centre trawling for a gurgle jug - not a sausage. And get this, nobody HAD EVEN HEARD OF ONE!!!!!!!!!!! Blimey! We did find shit loads of amazing stuff though - from the traditional lovely old stuff to the most incredible junk, a return visit is on the cards as it was such fun. Mr Brown has proposed a trip to Berrima to visit the Peppergreen Trading Co, to see if we can find me a gurgle jug there - any wonder he's my favourite?

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