Saturday, June 3

Crikey bananas

Mr Brown may have to give up his daily banana - they are now $11.99 a kilo, which works out at $4.95 for 3, yes that's right 3 - I can't help but feel a little profiteering is going on here - bastards!

The whole banana thing is becoming really silly. Mr Brown was walking across the Pyrmont Bridge into the city the other day, casually eating a banana, and was berated by an acquaintance for "flaunting his wealth" in such a vulgar fashion!


caw said...


That is flat out extortion. Someone could buy a bunch of narnas and ransom them sometime in the near future and get very famous for it. Then buy more bananas and make cakes with it.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Yep - no narna cakes for now, or muffins or anyfink like that. Poor Mr Brown in limited to 3 or 4 a week now and is grumpy for it!