Thursday, May 4

Sod it all ...

Life just isn't fair sometimes.
Mr Brown said the other night that our "not drinking so much" thing was benefiting his tumtum. And, what's more, the whole "not eating so much meat" had resulted in a slimmer tummy silhouette for him.
Bastard. All this virtue has done absolutely BUGGER ALL for me. I'm off to put on my grumpy pants, I hope they fit.

Oh, and if anyone out there in the big wide interweb wants to cross their fingers on behalf of all Australian workers and hope the High Court makes a decision that saves us from the evil little jonny howard - please do (I'd link to an appropriate article but I'm too tired & too depressed). We, the working blokes & blokettes are pretty much fucked otherwise.


spindleshanks said...

what's up in the high court? we had our local elections today and the conservatives have cleaned up - everyone hates tony blair so lots of protest voting i guess (like me - but greens not tory. or bnp - neo nazis who also got lots more seats than usual) but it is scary how it makes it seem kind of possible we could end up with a conservative govt in the next couple of years.

caw said...

Crumbs. You're cranky too. I know I am in good company.

A mate of mine just got the flick thanks to Johnny. Her boss was allowed to sack her for NO reason, with NO notice. So. Now she's a highly intelligent artistic UNEMPLOYED genius. He was allowed to do this because the company employs less than 100 people.

WTF is with that. I'll look for the article. It is to do with JH prowling after govt employess, yes? The fucking world's gone mad. That's what I think.

Barstards. All of them.

caw said...

Jesus H Christo, spindle. I've seen shows on the teev about the BNP. They're scary bonkers.

Altho, perhaps no less so than the Tories.

As for Mr Blair. Hmph. Or what's-his-name deputy who couldn't keep his willy in his pants - hmph.

I've searched on the CIA fact file for the most appealing country run by a democratic govt and I found that Costa Rica was looking pretty good. The forest is big there. It could hide me. I would quite like that.

Do they have red wine in the forest?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

SS - sorry, was being a bit lazy and bla with the post. The story is the NSW & QLD Govts & the unions (bless their socks) are challenging the evil Federal Howard Govt's new industrial relations laws in the HC. NOt much hope I'm afraid but if they dont' win we working folk will end up having to sign "individual workplace agreements" signing away rec leave, sick leave, long service leave, reducing our wages and increasing our hours just so we can have any job at all! And then we will be sacked on our first grumpy day or when someone the boss fancies wants a job. The real losers will be young folk, who will have nobody to help them and tell them if the contract they are signing is a good deal or not. Unions have practically been banned from the workplace and shut out of occupational health and safety. The world, or my bit of it, is becoming a very scary place indeed.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

CAW - yers grumpy is me, doing E's job grumpifies me as do bastard men with metabolisms that mean they can eat chocolate and cake and bickies every bloody night of the week and not show it!!! I just make the cakes, don't eat em.