Tuesday, May 2

Ping inspects the eggplant harvest

Jeebers - 22 complete strangers have viewed this fotie of Ping & the eggplant harvest at Flickr.
Is "Ping inspects the eggplant harvest" code for some sort of kinky sex game I've never heard of in my innocence??? Do people peek in the hope of PORN? Or is Ping really (as I have always suspected) the cutest cat in the known universe?


spindleshanks said...

crikey, i've never heard of it - try googling eggplant harvest and see what delights you uncover!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I'm frightened too (and I'm at work). Perhaps when I get home!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Nope, nothing remotely interesting comes up when I google eggplant harvest, not even when I add porn into the mix - perhaps people just really, really like eggplants.

caw said...

It is true then.

Ping is the cutest kat on the planet.

Altho, there is Chairman Meow too, who is truly adorable. He lives in England. Hmmmm.

Perhaps ... would Miss Ping consent to being the cutest Kat in the southern hemisphere? And the Chairman could keep his crown for the north?

Anonymous said...

I'll settle for cutest in the South - though my humans may not accept this - I'm a peaceloving & generous kit kat!