Thursday, March 23

Want ...

Fancy bandaids - I hope this bunch ship internationally!

For the Bacon Lovers

For those who still think you can kiss it better

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And this, well exactly, I couldn't have put it better myself. Girls & Boys are human beings and can be as lovely or as vile as humanly possible and everything inbetween. No one sex is morally superior to the other.

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caw said...

Bacon bandaids! Oh I want some - they're terrific and they beat the glow in the dark dinosaur bandaids hands down. Good find.

They remind me of the pretendy bacon strips in the cold food section at the s/market. Those slippery things constructed of tofu and beans. UGH - chokeworthy!

caw said...

On that article, it is interesting that violence perpetrated by young women is seen as 10 times more ghastly than violence perpetrated by young men. As tho the female gender is seen as somehow "nicer", "more social".

I believe that any major distinctions between male & female behaviour are there because people put them there. Underneath, we are all basically the same. The rest of it is down to outward perception.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Yers, I think most action is nurture rather than nature!