Saturday, March 25

NO ...

Turning up to give evidence does not make these women courageous, they are not brave and they have not displayed “good character” (and some of the details in this article make the story even more horrifying). No, those accolades would only ring true if those women had done something for Dianne Brimble back when it may have been of some use.

Had someone stepped in, said NO, checked to see if she was alright, called a doctor, then perhaps this sordid, nauseating story would not be out in the public realm. It has made me sick to my stomach and angry and scared.


caw said...

I completely agree. There is no such thing as "retrospective moral courage" .. the courageous thing would have been to have stepped in at the time and stopped it.

To have helped to save Dianne Brimble's life or at least attempt to help her regain some dignity would have been the very least any decent person could have done.

I've read some of the reports and what happened disgusts me. Not only the reprehensible behaviour of the men involved, but also the women, P&O staff, detectives and other casual observers.

It makes me bloody angry.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Exactly, you'd like to believe that is something like that happened (or anything really) someone would step in, say something, do something. I'm not a brave person but I've a VERY loud voice when needed and boy - I'll use it if needed. Even if it means yelling "are you ok?" to a woman across the street, just to the menacing bloke knows that eyes are on him!
Those men though, old as I am, I still just don't get why they behave like that, what's the attraction - she was out cold!
Makes me glad I had one of those sheltered childhoods -(ta ma, xxx).

caw said...

Once upon a time, a man got on a suburban Mosman bus with a big effing pistol in his holster (which was not secured).

Lots of people were looking sideways at him. Sure, their fear made me uneasy but his attitude flat out pissed me right off.

We got off the bus. I followed him. At Wynyard, I asked him why he was carrying a gun at 7.30am on a bus with old ladies and school kids.

He just got really cross, shouted some crap & got on a train. I went to work, rang the police & gave them his description.

How dare he stroll around intimidating the shit out of ordinary people.

I thought nothing of it until I told my bf at the time. He went bananas. "what if he shot you? what if..? what if..?"

What if WHAT? What if I had done nothing?