Monday, February 6

Umm, yeah so ....

..... I took our Niece to the Harry Potter exhibition and was frankly shocked by the ripoff that was the gift shop. Still, a wand was purchased because sometimes you really do need what you want.
I have a spiffy new phone, finally a clever one, so the cool kids will stop laughing and pointing now, won't the?
It's been raining, a lot, I think we've quite possibly reached the 40 days and nights benchmark.
I still don't have a puppy/dog but I'm #wearinghimdown.
Life, it goes on.


Zoomie said...

The cats will not approve.

Roo said...

OOOOOOOh puppy dog, puppy dog! Any chance you can work on Peter for me too!

I want another dog, especially after Bobbie, but can I sway him....darn no. ;o)

cookiecrumb said...

If you get a puppy, you'll have to take a couple months leave in order to house train her. Great!

e said...

Wait, what's this about a puppy? I mean, I'm all for it, but what did I miss?

Pink Granite said...

"sometimes you really do need what you want"

Love that! Perfectly written!
- Lee

S said...

The neice is still basking in happy afterglow and will use the wand at a Harry Potter themed party next weekend...I have to make a robe thingy. xx