Friday, January 13

We haven't seen Mrs Poss for a long while ...

... I think she was old, I suspect she is no more. This makes me sad.
We don't seem to have possums in the garden anymore. There's no evidence of visits. No nibbled parsley, no poo, no nibbled camellias, no chewed maple tree. This also makes me sad.
We don't see possums, we still hear them, from time to time, but until just the other night not a poss has been spotted. Mr Brown saw one this week, we rushed out to offer it some cherry tomatoes but it was gone before we got there and the tomatoes were still in the bowl in the morning. Again, this saddens me.
At the xmas street party at the end of the year I mentioned the lack of possums and how this saddened me and one of the other-side-of-the-street neighbours confessed to capturing and releasing them some distance away. This made me sad AND angry. It's illegal for a start and probable death for the possum. Apparently it was "necessary" because they were getting into her roof. This can be fixed, we actively encouraged possums and they never got into the roof. Once one got into the chimney, was evicted and fox wire put in place to stop it coming back. Fixed and Poss lived.
This is why I'm not a particularly neighbourly person.
And it is why reading this made me a little happier.


Zoomie said...

Your pissy neighbor would probably have spent less time and effort just keeping the possum out than she did trapping and transporting them. People are no damn good.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, you are totally right. It took all my self control not to shout "POSSUM MURDERER" and slap her stupid.

Zoomie said...

Impossible to slap her stupid - she was already stupid. Where do people like that get the idea that they are the center of the universe and it is their right? Grrr!

cookiecrumb said...

I slapped her.

Pink Granite said...

I'm so sorry.
Not only did you have to endure a party with neighbors, but you had to learn about what they did.

S said...

So now I know you really wanted to slap me. I promise to build a possum box. In my defense we spent $800 on roof sealing and I'm throwing this small print asterix bit from the bottom of her post back at you! xx

**** ... continually feeding a possum is just dumb. It means other possums will come and you’ll end up blowing your house deposit on food for an ever-growing army of unruly, sharp-toothed marsupials.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Thanks Cookie.
Lee, the party turned out ok, the horrid neighbours didn't come :)
S, wasn't aimed at you but the neighbours who spoiled what we think was a lovely aspect of the street.
We fed Mrs Poss every day and we only ever had Mrs Poss, plus the odd bebe for a while, until they moved on.

e said...

I hope you told your neighbor that her actions were illegal. And I hope you reported her to the authorities.