Thursday, July 14

Venice ...

... Day 5.
Boiling, boiling hot!
Still, we managed to go to the Doge’s Palace (Palazzo Ducale) & the new prison (via the Bridge of Sighs, through which I waved to many a tourist snapping away outside).
And, because too much art & culture is never enough we popped into the Museo Correr (the art! O my, the art!), the Bibilioteca Marciana and the Museo Archeologico.
Part of the afternoon was spent sipping cooling drinkies on the balcony at the hotel and (fruitlessly) searching for my spider lamp. Somehow we managed to end up at the Bruno Magli store again and, would you know it, I walked out with the most beautiful, lightweight, leather coat. Perfect Sydney coat I think (I hope).
Dinner was the best (and most expensive) we’ve had so far, at the Antico Martini. Beautifully fresh seafood, perfect veal (I hope not real veal) and, according to Mr Brown, the second-best dessert he has ever had. Ever.
Tomorrow, something vaguely nautical I think.


Zoomie said...

I'm always impressed, when in Europe, by the fact that everything, simply everything, is beautifully decorated - including downspouts, doorways, boot scrapers - you name it, it has been decorated in a lovely and interesting way. Love the carved marble lion. He's amazing.

Zoomie said...

Oops, it was in this set of pictures where the lovely lion was.

e said...

Gorgeous pics, as usual. Taking good pics is a talent, it's amazing how many people take horrible pictures of beautiful things. What an artistic tour de force.