Tuesday, July 5

Day 8 ...

... the first day of official racing, although only a practice race.
I practically had to climb a mountain to get some good shots of the boats on the course.
I've only included a few shots of the boats, 135 of them apparently, the most for a World Titles ever. It means, however, they have to split the fleet and do complicated things to work out who the winners will be.
And Last Night, well, it was the opening ceremony. The sailors, their families & friends got to march behind our various flags, led by a team of impressive drummers, through the twisty, turny ancient cobbled streets of Malcesine. Frigntening the odd tourist and puppy. There were lots of smiles and waves and it was rather fun.
It culminated in a park with a few bi-lingual speeches from local dignitaries (including a police chap with the most impressive hat I've seen for a long time) and then the most impressive spread of dainty nibbles and tasty treats.
Then dinner by the water and home for an early night. I don't know why I'm so tired all the time (except this flu thing that won't go away) but we all slept like little logs.


Pink Granite said...

A parade too!!!
This really is being such a lovely trip to remember!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, it was daggy but fun :)

Zoomie said...

Daggy? what's daggy, please?

e said...

Yeah the flu will do that to you. But you're being a trooper. No doubt the yummy food is helping to sustain you. :o)