Monday, June 27

We're here ...

... I'll be having someone's head on a stick for how poorly planned the actual travelling to get here was. But never mind. We are here.Here is Malcesine, a tourist town for sure, apparently taken over by the 'Germans' but so beautiful.
And our house, three stories (recently renovated dagnabit, the bath was removed) with views to die for. Including, can you believe it, a honest to goodness castle!With a bonus evening display of swallow aerobatics!And our landlady has a pusscat and a dog and the garden has bumblebees. Mr Brown swears he saw a geko too.
And, look, fat little brown sparrows! Nesting, under terracotta tiles! Now, if only Mr Brown's boat antics don't spoil my plans to finally meet Ilva in real life for exotic cocktails, we'll be living the dream !
Ciao per ora.


Roo said...

Oooh, say Hi to Ilva fro me too ...pleeeeese.

Nice place by the way!

cookiecrumb said...

You are living the high life!
I hope the boat shows up. I hope you meet Ilva, and give her a kiss for me (if she's not smoking).
Ciao per ora.

Pink Granite said...

So happy you are there safe, sound and in such a beautiful place!
Enjoy it all!
- Lee
P.S. Also very glad I'm not your travel agent!

e said...

You jetsetter!