Wednesday, June 29

Day 3 ...

... today, because the boats still hadn't arrived, we all went on a little alpine adventure up Monte Baldo.
It is so civilised here in Italy, folks are allowed to take their dogs everywhere, including up the mountain in the cable car, the funivia.
The view from the top is amazing, and again, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Where you get off the cablecar there's this odd sort of petting zoo with alpacas, a couple of ponies, some donkeys, and a bunny. A little further on we found a herd of milk cows, all with big bells around their necks, just like in Heidi.
We did not see any marmots, which was very disappointing.
We did the walk to the top(ish) bit and then wandered back for some lunch at altitude (I think it was this one) where the food was amazingly good. I had a very nice rabbit ragu on tagliatelle, and one of the housemates, E, had a venison version. For a very touristy place it was fab.
Later in the day we did a bit of a shop (E85!), then there was a bit of boat related stress and most of the boys went off for a swim, so I could blog!
Tonight we are being cheeky and will listen to the Mozart concert being held at the castle from our courtyard.


cookiecrumb said...

A bee! An Italian bee!

Pink Granite said...

I've been to some beautiful places.
But I have never stood in a place with as spectacular a view as that!
Thank you!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, I've snapped quite a few italian bees :)
Lee, it is rather spectacular, a tad awe inspiring even!

e said...

Gorgeous! Love the cows, and donkeys, and horses, and bees, and alpacas. (Wait, what? Alpaca? Huh?)