Wednesday, June 15

Cats ...

... they wrestle at night.
They also get up and down all night and have been know to groom their humans' heads while they attempt to sleep.
This is why we do not share our bed with our furry housemates.


cookiecrumb said...

They're all different. You have wild Asian felines; some people have cuddly kits.
Interestingly, the most difficult dog I have ever raised is a dream in bed.
How's dat pen?!!!

e said...

I let my kitties on the bed. One prefers a chair in the room, the other HAS to sleep on me. The kitten stage didn't last long, I mean the stay up all night and play stage. She gets up at night but is very quiet. She explores places in the kitchen where she's technically not allowed. But mostly she sleeps on me or next to me. The other one will cuddle only when I'm awake or if it's really cold.