Thursday, June 9

Birthday fun ...

... and some truly terrible food photos!
The festival that is the month of June really got going yesterday.Despite the fact I went to work. Work was made bearable by a wonderful morning tea, complete with home-made chocolate brownie cake and an extra long lunch.
Dinner, at our second-choice, Aria, was wonderful. You'll have to excuse the quality of the photographs, they were taken using Mr Brown's blackberry in wonderful dining conditions but terrible picture conditions.
First up we had amuse-bouche, a two-toned soup. Then came the pretties.
I had the Marron special with teeny wee gnocchi, dainty cubes of vegetable and, of course, foam.

Mr Brown had the Scallops, spiced and roasted with glazed witlof, pistachios and dried apricots.

Mr Brown won that round.
Then I had the Venison, with savoy cabbage, poached quince and blood sausage, which I ate. Yes, I ate blood sausage, I find it hard to believe and to admit. It was delish.

Mr Brown had the lamb which came with potato gratin, Chinese artichokes, wild mushrooms and asparagus. He was very kind and let me eat two of his mushrooms. They were fresh Morels, they were amazing. Despite the mushrooms, I won that round.
Because we are piggie wigs, we had two side dishes the truffled mash and the beetroot, grape, goat cheese and caper salad. We finished them all.
Dessert, well, I had a passionfruit soufflé with white chocolate ripple ice cream. When placing the dessert in front of my our charming waiter said "careful, that's very hot". So I touched the handle, of course I did. He was right. It was VERY hot.
Here's another shot, so you can see my lovely new posh frock. I'm very much in love with this posh frock, it may well become my favourite.True to form, Mr Brown had the chocolate dessert. Valrhona tempered Manjari chocolate with salted peanuts, golden raisins and a caramelised banana ice cream. There was a pretty twist of toffee on a piece of banana too, I was allowed a nibble because it was my birthday.And then there was MORE dessert, petits fours.Fuller than butchers' pups we wandered ouside to see the delight that is the festival of lights put on in celebration of my birthday by the City of Sydney.
I sat in the light chair in my once-a-year coat.I stood next to a giant condom.And then we watched the light show at customs house., which Mr Brown kindly arranged for my benefit.
Sunday sees my parents popping down for a visit and a nice lunch of Cotechino with lentils and roasted winter vegetables.
Monday we have off for the Mouse Birthday Public Holiday. No need to thank me, you're welcome.


cookiecrumb said...

Just big eee!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

E! *winks*

Anonymous said...

Aren't they clever to wiggle the building abound like that to get the best light effects? themother

Ms Brown Mouse said...

They sure are mumkins :)

e said...

Not bad for second choice! Happy birthday!

Pink Granite said...

An excellent celebration - and well deserved!!!
- Lee

S said...

Oh my, you really did do well! x