Monday, May 30

Unusually for me ...

... work and life and that malarkey have been so busy (and sicky) that I'd clean forgotten my birthday was just around the corner.
Just as well I'd put in a request for a mind-bogglingly beautiful pen for my big giftie months and months ago. Mr Brown said 'yes', the order is in but it's not likely my new precious will arrive in time. Not to worry, this has happened before, I've lived through it.
I've got the eating request in and Mr Brown assures me we are all booked in.
So now it's a small matter of the tiny gift, I'm thinking a dainty video camera, to keep Rupert company, would be nice. Just in time for our trip to Italy too.
Birthdays, I don't know why folk think they are such a hassle.


Unknown said...

OMG small world. Haven't had time to read anything for ages, even YOUR always charming entries, and just clicked on this. My current obsession is pens,(working on a blog post right now as it happens)and Nakaya are the bomb. i just bought a plain black 'starter' Nakaya from this week.
How gorgeous are the paw prints on your favourite.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Victoria, there are SO many beautiful wonderful pens over at, I gaze and sigh over the Nakayas all the time.
And really, how could I resist the paws one? :)

Zoomie said...

Happy Birthday, Kiddo! Love the paws! I'm with you - birthdays are welcome around here, not avoided. I love getting presents!

cookiecrumb said...

Happy Birthday Month Eve!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I'll admit, I do rather love my birthday month?