Saturday, May 28

Soap ...

... yes, the saga continueth.
I've still to find the prefect replacement for my beloved Pears (original) Soap. I've tried various substitutes, but nothing really compares.
One of the latest contenders is Rambilldeene Farm Soap. These are pretty good soaps, they last quite well (ie longer than a week), and the leftover bit dissolves nicely into the new tablet.
But the smell, the smell does nothing for me really. The rose is quite nice but very floral. It was quite amusing to sniff Mr Brown wafting off to work, smelling like a rose garden.
The lavender is ok, but still, floral. The peppermint and the eucalyptus had a better, clean-soapy, smell, but were a bit ... tingly, and not quite the smell I'm hankering for.
I've got a little experiment going though. I've bought 6 bars of the unscented, unwrapped them and packed them in paper with Rosemary and Thyme clippings from the garden packed between the bars. Rosemary and Thyme being the perfume of the old Pears. Fingers crossed on that score.
In the meantime, I met a lovely chap at the last Urban Food Market Meat Up I went to (without Mr Brown, he was away, I went with a friend from work). Saltbush Lamb it was, an excellent dinner.
Anyway, this chap, Dave, and I somehow got talking about soap! He suggested I try Saponify, soap made by a friend of his. He said it was wonderful stuff and he was right.
So far we've tried the Rosemary Cedarwood Cinnamon and Lime and the Peppermint, Rosemary and Lavender. Lovely soap, herby smelling rather than floral, soft on the skin and not in the least bit drying.
It's not long lasting though, a bar goes just over a week (I blame Mr Brown and his hairy hide for this). And it doesn't seem to be a reliable source. I tried to re-order some of the one with lime today and it was all sold out. And I could only get 3 bars of the peppermint.
Sill, I whacked on an order for a bar of the Lemongrass Goats Milk, just to see, and at least we'll have soap until the herb clipping experiment is ready.
The search continueth.


Wendy said...

I do love this. While the rest of us use some radox shower gel you find the perfect soap. I want soap now too !
when I was youn ger my mums friend would bring this sandlewood soap ( sandlewood is my best) it was wrapped in black tissue paper. I could use it as a treat. I still search for that soap
hope the latest order ticks all the boxes

cookiecrumb said...

No soap.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Wendy, I find shower gel very drying so I can't use it. Soap, for me, is memory, which is why I miss Pears so much. I'm tempted to ask the Saponify lady to make me up a batch that's perfumed like old school-Pears :)
Cookie, I know, I know, but I like soap and I HATE to be thwarted, hate it! ;)

cookiecrumb said...

Yes, ask Saponify for a personalized batch! they'd love it, and you.

Anonymous said...

Mouse and followers: I have shares in a sandalwood company in Western Australia that makes soaps and perfumes from sandalwood -- the genuine stuff. If you'd like I can get you the link. themother

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Ma - it's the other ingredients that worry me, what's in the mix?

Pink Granite said...

You KNOW you have my deepest sympathies...

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, I know, I know :)