Tuesday, April 26

The traditional easter long weekend weather, rain ...

... held today as well.
But there was a brief break in the downpour and we took full advantage of it.
Winter greens are planted and protected from marauding snails and slugs (one of which actually made its way inside yesterday UGG).
Mulch is down, keeping root and bulbs warm.
And we did a trim and tidy out the front, the top paddock. While I was snipping back rampant foliage and Mr Brown raking up the debris, he commented Mrs Neighbour would be pleased the place was looking a little tidier.
He's right, of course.
Lucky for her she's moving next month, because I purchased this book via the interwebs.
O yes, the plantings I will have, the flourishing, verdant, wild and rampant foliage that will riot front and back. I can't wait.
We had the doors and windows open all day. And while it's not actually that cold outside, inside, it's chilled down a bit, as you can see.And, since yesterday was ANZAC Day, we can safely turn on the heater for the season. Ping is VERY pleased.


Zoomie said...

Cats - the original heat-seekers.

Pink Granite said...

Ahhh, cats do dearly love their sunny spots and their warm and toasty radiators!

cookiecrumb said...

That book looks fantastic! You will have garden salat from a decorative herb love knot.

e said...

Ping and Tigger are adorable, and always perfectly and elegantly placed.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

E - Tigger, in photos always looks a little nervous to me, she isn't in real lift tho, not at all :)