Sunday, March 20

Ripe Curry Leaf Tree Berries are Black ...

... black as sin as they say. And they shine, gleam like the fur on a well-fed black cat.
Then they wrinkle, like sun-dried olives.Ripening berries, on the other hand go from green to pink to the most amazing purple.I've got to get myself an ink that purple.


Zoomie said...

Or the rich red of that topmost berry in the first photo. Gorgeous color!

Are curry leaf tree berries edible? If so, for what dishes do you use them? And do they taste like curry? Too many questions - I'll go look it up.

cookiecrumb said...

Good morning, first day of FALL. : )

If somebody wanted to, they could pick some of those leaves and put them between leaves of paper (I dunno, book pages?) and mail them off...

Or not. It's OK.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, the seeds in the berries are poisonous I've read so no, no eaty the berries. Pity, there's so many of them.
The leaves are good though, in a mild curry :)
AUTUMN Cookie, it's Autumn :)
I could do that for you, more than happy to but they lose flavour from when they're picked :( NEVER buy dried ones, they are a waste of time.
Would you prefer I harvested some seeds perhaps?

cookiecrumb said...

AUTUMN! That's what I said.
I think I can manage the tree thing on this side of the world, thanks. I didn't know about dried leaves being useless, so merci.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, you should get one, fresh curry leaves are da bomb! They are hardy little buggers too, happy in a pot in a sunny spot and reward you with leaves, pretty flowers (for bees) and berries.