Monday, March 21

On Sunday afternoon ...

... Mr Brown came home unexpectedly early from sailing.
The following conversation actually took place.
"I'm home, early. We can sit on the couch, hold hands and talk."
Silent moment until the full enormity of the occasion hits.
"O, really? So we can sit for hours and hours and talk?"
"Yes, because I am a good husband ©"
"Talk, talk about us? Is on the couch and talk about 'our relationship'?" (I did finger quotes)
"Wouldn't you rather clear the gutters?"
Picture Mr Brown, frantically hauling out the ladders. Both of them.


S said...

Shit! Did you go and clean the bathroom or something?

Winkinatcha said...

Big Fat Lol Brilliant :)

cookiecrumb said...

A manly man.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

S - Noooo I stood around worring while he was up the ladder and passed him things and such like!
Winks, :)
Cookie, a manly man man & his girl *sigh*

Pink Granite said...

Dunno, seems like while he's up the ladder clearing the gutter, it's the perfect time to talk about your relationship - and feelings too!
I mean where's he going to go???

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, but then I'd have to talk to him about 'feelings' and stuff, don't wanna *icky mushy stuff*

Roo said...

And Lee, up the ladder if the conversation got too much, he does have the option to a) jump, b)drop something heavy and collect on the insurance..... Sorry Morgan, just a thought! ;o)

Anyhow, all caught up. Love the Berries, smiled at the froglets, loved the light on the silvery spider back, but worried about walking into a web..eurgh

Love from the motherland ;o) xx

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Roo, some 'gutter gunk' did fall rather close!

Pink Granite said...

Aaah I see I did not fully understand all of the implications!

Roo - LOL!

CAW said...

Tremendously cute post! Did said feelings chat take place either on the ladder/s, in the gutters, on the roof, in the garden or on the sofa? Or maybe even over dinner?


I find this idea terribly exciting!

e said...

HAHAHAHAHA! You have a great marriage.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

CAW, we don't do "feelings" they are considered a given ;)
E - it'll do :)