Wednesday, March 30

Karma ...

... turns out sometimes it does work!
So, you know that holiday I was so excited about? Well last week it looked like it wasn't going to happen.
This was due to some totally sneaky, underhanded and dastardly work on the part of a co-worker.
In a 3-person team it does not do to shit from a great height on a comrade. Suffice to say, it's been a bit "cool" at work lately. Not unworkable, not rude, but uncomfortably quiet nonetheless.
Until this morning, when my boss said it could have the leave I wanted after all.
Something happened, she cancelled her leave.
Normally I'd feel bad for the person, but not this time.
Still, it does save me time & brain power, I no longer have to plot and plan a suitable revenge!


Zoomie said...

Oh, yay! To miss that would have been a crime! I'm so glad things fell your way after all!

And how are the taddies coming along? And I need a kitty update, too.

cookiecrumb said...


(you still want just a leetle revenge.)

e said...

Yay vacation!

Pink Granite said...


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, just a wafer-thin slice of nice cold revenge, yes :)
E & Lee (ooo, rhymes) HUZZAH!