Wednesday, March 9

Frog watch day 4 ...

... no change.
The little buggers are just pissing about aren't they?


S said...

Oh I dunno. surely it takes at least a few days to be more than an embryo? maybe a week? have you googled how long is is suppose to take?

Zoomie said...

Maybe Momma frog laid them but Daddy frog wasn't there to fertilize?

cookiecrumb said...

I saw a stray (lost? abandoned?) cat walking in the Badlands of South Dakota, and a little calf on the wrong side of the fence (the street side!) somewhere in Oregon, and I am still bothered. I imagine I could slaughter and butcher my own food, but I hate seeing Nature go awry.

OTOH, I asked Cranky once what would be a good name for a frog, and he said Jumpy. : )

Ms Brown Mouse said...

S - google did not help but, turns out 5 days!
Zoomie, nope just me not being able to wait ;)
Cookie, when we had a big back yard I wanted to have chickens, for eggs and meat. I told Mr Brown that I'd KILL the chicken if he would do the gizzard removing bit. He said NO.
Jumpy is an excellent name, so is hoppy and skippy!