Wednesday, February 23

Been a while ...

... since the last post.
No reason, not blue, just tired.
So, to catch up ... I burned my arm about a week ago, it got infected and there was pus. I think it's going to develop into a reasonably cool scar. I'll be able to tell people I got it in a kitchen fight, or something.
I've ordered some new, quite fancy, pens and am waiting for them to arrive. I hate waiting.
I saw a poor little dead flying fox on the way home, hanging from some power lines.
And today at lunchtime I sneezed 5 times without it hurting. Huzzah!

O, and it looks like Italy in July is the go! Anybody wanna come keep me company while Mr Brown plays with his boating friends?


Sue said...

I have missed your blog, but I'm VERY guilty of not keeping mine up-to-date. Hope your arm's better and that the pus has gone now. Your new pens will help you forget your troubles.

Italy is my dream...

Sue X

PS. Bless you

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Come on over, we can eat and drink and have a lovely time while the boring boys go sailing :)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

PS, arm looks a bit like Leprosy #ugg

Zoomie said...

Italy! If that doesn't lift the spirits after a kitchen fight, nothing will! Where in Italy? I have only been to one city in Italy and that was many, many years ago. I am green with envy.

cookiecrumb said...

Will you be able to see Ilva? And, I hope Mr Brown watches out for Somali pirates. (How does he get his boat there?)

Wendy said...

arm sounds awful but yay for cool and interesting scars.hope tomorrows a parcel day. I know you hate non parcel days., and at that a pen parcel day.

and well done back on allowing painless sneezing.. bless youx
ps . I f i hate the funds and babysitters i would be in italia like that *clicks fingers*

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, Malcesine, on Lake Garda! And I want to introduce Mr Brown to Siena and Assisi because I loved them so.
Cookie, I do hope so. Mr Brown will be careful but I don't think they have many pirates on Lake Garda. Rest assured, he boat travels over in a big container, with other boats for company, too small for high seas sailing :)
Wendy - it WAS a parcel day and it was a pen parcel! Huzzah!

Pink Granite said...

Delighted that you have progressed from horror over pus to anticipation of a "cool scar"!
I too hope you meet up with the lovely Ilva.
And congratulations on pain free sneezing. It really is the little things that mean so much.
- Lee

cookiecrumb said...

Which pen?! Errgh, I'm still "in process."

Much relieved to hear about the lake. :)

e said...

Ah! I'm caught up now (see comment to later post, which I read first). Woo hoo! Have fun.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, a transparent one!
E - done :)