Thursday, January 6

I know someone ...

... who's entire family have been suffering Whooping Cough, despite the fact that they've all been vaccinated.
How is this possible? Well, it's possible because fuckstumps with their hippy middle class, alternative woowoo shit heads up their arses don't vaccinate their children. Yep, one of her kids got it at school because some soppy prat didn't want to "put a disease in a perfectly healthy body". FFS!
Apparently you can't ban kids from kindy/school etc, if they aren't vaccinated. Yep, idiots are allowed to (a) keep a disease going and (b) give it to your kids.
So now this woman, her four sons and husband have had to live through a ghastly, and should-be-preventable illness for 12 months and months, miserable, because some prat thought they knew better than most of the medical establishment. Or, because it's too traumatic to watch little Tarquin get a needle!
I don't know about you but I'm seriously grateful my mum took me along and had me jabbed for ... polio, measles, whooping cough, and fuck knows what else! Because I don't ever want to have one of those, not even a bit!
And then I read this. Fuck people make me angry.

PS - I vaccinate the cats!


Pink Granite said...

Until Izzy was born, I didn't realize that some of these vaccines need to be repeated to maintain protection - Pertussis among them.

I'm old enough to remember first hand the relief of the rubella vaccine and my parents's talk of their relief around the polio vaccine several years earlier.

I'm so sorry for the ordeal your friends are going through.

Zoomie said...

I'm pretty sure that in this country we do ban unvaccinated children from school, and still we have a minor epidemic of whooping cough going around. I'm always puzzled by parents who think they know more science than the doctors do... Daffy.

Wendy said...

dont get me started. I have come to serious blows with friends of mine over the mmr vaccine. Its just irresponsible not to vaccinate your child and then send them to school with my child. just because some prat looked at 12 children and spread some scaremongering story.
whooping cough should never be making a comeback! same with measles. we have had 3 bad measles outbreaks in SE London purely due to non vaccination, so much so that I had to bring forward lilys preschool booster by 18 months.
so i guess Im saying.. I agree people make me fucking angry too and i hope that family see a better time of it soon

cookiecrumb said...

Aww. Lee might be right in that they failed to complete a series.
Righteous, though: The soppy prat who didn't want to put a disease in a perfectly healthy body" ended up with a kid with an unhealthy body. So stupid!
Don't blame hippies, though. Hippies LIKE drugs! ;)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, the folks I know do all the right things, including the boosters (as did my mum). I've spoken to someone who doesn't vaccinate, she really does believe it's a bad thing and actually told me most doctors don't vaccinate their children! It took all my self control not to shout BULLSHIT.
Zoomie Good for the US, but then I guess the know-it-alls probably home school too *GAH*
Wendy, glad I'm not the only one :)
Cookie, opps, you're right, hippy comment fixed :)

cookiecrumb said...

[strike]ha ha![/strike]

Zoomie said...

Exactly, they home school. But they take their kids to all kinds of fun things for children around here to pass their germs around at those places. I wonder if they will soon require vaccination certificates to get into play parks.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, exactly, selfish bastards.
Cookie ooo, you can't strikethrough in comments, I wonder why?

cookiecrumb said...

The comments are HTML deficient. I wonder if I could copy and paste a strikethrough, if that would work.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, tried that, no go, *stoopidblogger*

Stomper Girl said...

Couldn't agree more! I read that article this morning and felt very very cranky. I hope their children get cat-flea typhus I really do.

S said...

Hmm I am one of those selfish bastards; I have selectively vaccinated my girls. The fact that your friends have whooping cough despite vaccinations is because there are many strains and it is impossible to imnmunised against all of them; SO even if every kid in the class got jabbed they probably still would have got it. We are all exposed to millions of microorganisms every day, and vaccines only cover a tiny fraction of a percentage of them. Few people deny the benefits vaccination programs have made to public health; a far more common concern is their safety. All vaccines can cause side effects and these adverse reactions are of real concern. Controversies revolve around the question of whether the risks of adverse events following vaccinations outweigh the benefits of preventing adverse effects of common diseases. For example the oral polio vaccine (OPV) is known, in rare cases to revert to a form that can cause neurological infection and paralysis; vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis (VAPP). Australia no longer uses the oral form.
Concerns also exist regarding vaccine components and constituents -
“If I could sum up the aluminum controversy in three sentences, it would be this. There is good evidence that large amounts of aluminum are harmful to humans. There is no solid evidence that the amount of aluminum in vaccines is harmful to infants and children. No one has actually studied vaccine amounts of aluminum in healthy human infants to make sure it is safe. Should we now stop and research this matter? Or should we just go on and continue to hope that it is safe?”
And just last season ~
A family is in mourning after their toddler unexpectedly died less than 12 hours after receiving a seasonal flu vaccination.
Two-year-old twin Ashley Jade Epapara had been "perfectly fine" before dying at her Upper Mt Gravatt home, on Brisbane's Southside, on April 9, 2010.”
Queensland Health says there is no link between the death of a two-year-old Ashley Epapara and the flu vaccination she received the day before. But infectious diseases expert Professor Peter Collignon says an inconclusive autopsy finding makes it more, not less, likely the flu vaccine contributed to the death of the toddler.
I guess we can agree to diagree? x

Ms Brown Mouse said...

S - given that you, I and millions and millions of others have survived being vaccinated, and gone on to live healthy, disease-free lives, I guess yes, we will have to disagree on this point.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Stomper, given, it turns out, my nieces are only "selectively vaccinated", I'd better not agree with you on that one :)

Pink Granite said...

I was not suggesting your family of friends suffering with the whooping cough was negligent nor was I presuming that they had not completed a series of vaccinations.

I was stating exactly what I wrote.

What I did not share was that because of our grandniece's health, our family members now need to speak with our doctors to be sure we have one of the two possible vaccine "boosters" which involve pertussis: DTaP or Tdap.

There is little in this world without some risk. Pregnancy and giving birth carry the possibility of grave risk. We evaluate risk. We make choices. We look at the facts; evaluate the odds. We make decisions. We consider ourselves, our loved ones and, yes, the greater good of the larger society.
- Lee

kim at allconsuming said...

We were at a friend's place today and the gorgeous old lab next door (called Rebel because he was kicked out of seeing-eye-dog school) has WHOOPING COUGH. Even the friggin' pets are getting it.

the cougher.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Kim, FARK!!!