Sunday, January 2

Also on New Year's Eve ...

... Tigger tried to tear the back door down, or herself under it, in a frantic attempt to get at "something" on the other side.
With Mr Brown clutching a seriously protesting kitteh, I popped outside to see what the fuss was about. I found nothing until, in an attempt to calm Tigger down, I picked up the door mat and gave it a shake.
"See Tigger, there's nothing there ... O".
For there was something there after all.A beautiful green cicada. A Green Grocer or Cyclochila australasiae I believe.
Lookie at his little head jewels. Actually they are simple eyes (ocelli), the eyes on the side are the complex eyes. Why you need so many eyes is beyond me but there you go. Still, if I could have an arrangement of three, twinkling ruby eyes on my forehead, I'd probably take the upgrade.
Holy shit but the interweb is a wonderful thing, go here and listen to the wee grocer singing. This is what Sydney summers sound like, only times it by thousands!


Pink Granite said...

You live in an exotic land!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, you don't have cicadas??? How do you survive?

e said...

Gorgeous insect. I can just the squirming protesting Tigger - how frustrating!

Pink Granite said...

Oh, we do have cicadas - here in Massachusetts about four varieties including one periodical. But, to the best of my knowledge, none of them look as fantastic as yours!

Zoomie said...

My much-younger brother had a fascination with cicadas when he was about 10. We lived in Japan and he caught many of them and kept them in our screened porch where he would watch them sing for hours. Beautiful creatures, even if the voices are a little skritchy.

cookiecrumb said...

Oh, that's a piece of jewelry! So funny and so wonderful.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

E, there was frantic wriggling with legs akimbo :)
Lee, the Green Grocer is the prettiest I think. We also have Yellow Monday, Cherrynose, Double Drummer and Floury Baker cicadas. I’ve only ever found Grocers in our yard though :(
Zoomie, lots of folk hate their singing, probably because it's at night, but I don't find it the least bit disturbing. We used to live opposite a park, when I was wee, and we'd collect their empty shells and hang them from the curtains.
Cookie, I saw a girl once, with the most exquisite, enamelled cicada bracelet on her arm. I have spent YEARS looking for something similar. I remain thwarted.

Sue said...

Hey DMM,

Just back from a few weeks leave, so trying to catch up on my blogging in between. I'm not going to have time to comment on each post, but I have loved reading about all that you've been up to. Gorgeous photos of the bug, stunning pen case and the food. Oh my word. The food sounds delicious!

Hope you have a wonderful 2011, looking forward to sharing it with you!