Thursday, December 23

I won't go into the drama ...

... injury, stress or shouting.
We certainly won't mention the expense or panic.
Merry Merry, doodadoodaday!
Remind me, why is it we do this?


cookiecrumb said...

Wishing you a Fabulous Festivus!

. said...

Booze may or may not be the most important part. ;)
I hope you have a lovely holiday, and try not to have a bunch of expectations - just accept what happens with a shrug and a smile :P
I hope you have a merry Christmas!

Pink Granite said...

I have no idea.

Except perhaps because it was so wonderful and magical when we were little that we would like to capture it again.

Or it could be that we are bombarded with images of Christmas, extravagant gifts, fabulous food plus untold numbers of smiling people and who wants to be on the wrong side of all that?

- Lee

Zoomie said...

After all is said and done, I hope it's a fabu Christmas for you and Mr. B.