Monday, December 27

I don't blog much about my pens ...

... there's plenty of others who do that and do it rather well.
However, I'll have a tiny showoff now, of my beautiful new pen display case. (Yes, that is one of those moisture-absorbing sachet things, you try keeping things dry in an enclosed space in Sydney!)Before now the pens were kept, nib up of course, in ceramic latte mugs. Which is not ideal and quite dusty (but even the pen case does not appear to have stopped the cat hair getting in).No more, now they live in individual, gently padded beds, in rosewood, under glass.And the best bit? There's room for at least 10 more.Well, 9 actually, as this (in tiger eye) one is tucked up in brown paper and string and on it's way to me as I type (or, I hope it is, US security measures being nothing short of lunacy at the moment).
The orange thing, below, is my Sailor leather pen wrap, so at least 3 pens can travel to work with me, in safety.


Pink Granite said...

Wow! The display case and the wrap are both gorgeous! The pens are amazing too!
Santa (and all of his incarnations) knew your heart's desire!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Sant knows the name of the best personal shopper around (MBM hint, hint).

Zoomie said...

Keep track of those at work - your coworkers may be covetous. I am, too, but I'm too far away to worry you.

cookiecrumb said...

Ha ha ha! You are in bad.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, most of my coworkers have NO IDEA!! But I am careful, rest assured.
Cookie, no, a light pen flirtation is all it is!