Tuesday, November 9

There's this one bloke ...

... on the jury I'm (STILL) on that I actively dislike.
Seriously dislike. Want to punch-in-the-face dislike.
It's got to the point that every.single.thing he says or does fills me with rage.
I've taken to getting in later and later, just so I spend as little time as possible in his presence. Up until today I've kept it hidden pretty well, I think, my intense dislike of his very being. Kept myself nice and all.
Until this morning!
Because this morning, day 57 I believe, when I walked and greeted my fellows with a cheery "morning" he said it. He said "good morgen Morgan".
No really, he actually said it.
I know I groaned. I'm pretty sure my face took on a look of pained disgust before I took control of it again.
He thought he was being funny and original, he said so. I pointed out that over the past 40-odd years I'd heard that particular phrase A LOT (somanytimesIcouldfuckingscream) and so no, it is neither funny nor original.
I'm pretty sure he's under no misconception as to my opinion of him.
I think I may be ready to return to work now.


Zoomie said...

I feel your frustration. So many times growing up, the kids would call me "Lowland" and laugh uproariously - they thought they were funny and original, too. Not.

e said...

I wouldn't be surprised if his balls shriveled and fell off later that day. LOL. How odd, it never occurred to me that someone might actually think to say that. I can see how someone might say it by accident, while saying "Morning, Morgan" fast, but on purpose. Weird.

I commend you for lasting 57 whole days.

cookiecrumb said...

Verdict: GUILTY!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, o the childhood nicknames, don't get me started!
E - IF he had any!
Cookie - Death by oogabooga I day!

When this is all over I suspect I'll blog a long list of why I dislike this person so, and then never think of him again!

S said...

e makes me laugh!
at least he could have said guten - you can't go changing languages mid sentence, wanker.
how many days left?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

S - E makes lots of people laugh, she's good like that.
Fucktard is a fucktard, I'd lay odds on he doesn't even know what language Morgen is from!
Looks like we'll be done by the end of next week, maybe!

Zee Poodle said...

Stewpid is as stewpid does. What a twit he sounds.

You are up to day 57 of jury duty? Dear god, I hope that by now (which is the end of next week) it is over - or at least very nearly over.

Then you won't ever have to spend time in his ghastly presence. Ever! Ever! Again!

Sue said...

Morgan - sorry, but I have a giggle in my chest. I'm pretty sure though that it's my total understanding of him being a complete jackass. Perhaps it's that he thought he really did think he was being funny. Or, most likely, it's the image of hime trying to befriend you. I can only imagine your expression! Sorry anyway...

Sue X

Roo said...

I'd hate to think some poor old lady is in the dock for not paying her TV license and you have her - with this prat winding you up, she'll be lucky to come away with anything less than a horse-whipping ;o)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Caw, I get left off the list for a couple of years I think.
Sue, that's ok, I can't imagine why he'd want to befriend Mean Morgan - there lies only pain!
Roo, we don't have TV licenses, we just pay 8c a day for our beloved ABC!
Fear not though, Mr Accused is no dear sweet little old lady :)