Sunday, November 28

Rabbit Ragu ...

... most nom-worthy.
You will need:-
a bunny, chopped into bits (we prefer wild to farmed, the flavour is more, rabbity)
a carrot, grated or finely chopped
an onion, finely chopped
a few celery sticks, finely chopped
a clove or 2 of smashed garlic
a fistful of herbs (bay, thyme, parsley) all tied up with string
EVOO, flour, salt, pepper
White wine (dryish is best, certainly not a sweetie)
A lovely beloved who doesn't mind doing the icky bits.
The 'Method':-
Have your beloved remove all the organs from the bunny's internal cavity. Have a wee gag in the other room while this is done (I did try to do it myself first but lost the plot when I got bits of LUNG under my fingernails). Then toss the organ-free bunny bits in the seasoned flour.Have you heated the oil in you heavy-based pan? No, quick go do that, then brown the bits of bunny and put them aside.Now, all those chopped veg and garlic, into the pan until soft. Pop in the fistful of herbs (after carefully checking for small spiders and sundry other insect life) and top off with the browned bunny bits (I love alliteration, don't you love alliteration?).Pour over about 1/2 a bottle of the wine over and let it all bubble away 'til the alcohol burns off. Cover it over with a little paper coat and the pan lid and pop in the oven (180 degrees - preheated) for about an hour.Share the rest of the wine with your beloved and give the organ bits to your cats.Check for liquid levels, there should be quite a bit, if not add a little stock or water. Take off the paper, replace the lid and give it another 30-45 minutes, the meat should pull away from the bones.
Throw away the limp herbs, their job here is done. Ensure the string is also removed.
Hand your beloved 2 forks and let him/her remove ALL the bones from the meat, then shred it fine.
Meanwhile, you are reducing the veg/wine/bunny juice mix to a nice ragu consistency (thick).
Add the shredded meat to the sauce and let it warm through while you boil up some fat, flat pasta.
Serve and eat while singing Run Rabbit Run.
NO not that one, this one!


S said...

Ohhhhhhhhh yum! xx

Roo said...

Lung under your fingernails, it could have been a lot lot worse!

I do believe that is a Macon-Villages - doesn't this mean you have to be deported for not using a domestic Chardonnay???

They could keep you though, for inspiring me to make a stew today.. I'll put in a good word ;o)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

S, will be, tomorrow :)
Roo, domestic is for drinking, we cook with the French muck ;)

Zoomie said...

Such a vivid mental picture of you gagging in the next room while Mr Brown does the manly thing. I have never eaten rabbit - can't get past the bunny thing.

cookiecrumb said...

I adore alliteration.
I'm bonkers for bunny.
I relish ragu.
Pasta pleases me.
Fabulous food.

Winkinatcha said...

mmmmm yummmmeee for sure...

Hey MRs Brown Mouse... back in the day when I was a country boy hunting these furry beasts with an air rifle... there was a "ttradition" with the male rabbits that one would take out the "piss-bone" a small spur located on the pelvis right near bladder location when bunny still had internal organs.. supposedly this bone spur was chock full of piss flavour and removal made for better tasting dish... have you ever heard of such a thing... just wondering if this was purely a "farm legend" as opposed to one of them Urban legend things

Oh n just for a bit of gag worthy fun... us kids after removing internal organs would Blow up the lungs, n tie off the trachea for fun times with a short lived bouncy lung ball LOL!


Urban Koda said...

I'm with Zoomie, although I think I could probably get past the bunny thing quite easily, provided I didn't have to see it transform from hoppity hop to nomminy nom!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, he's good at that sort of thing is my Mr Brown.
Winks, I've not heard of a piss bone, and google assures me bunnies don't have a baculum - so I wonder what it could be? Still, best remove all gizzards before cooking methinks.
As for blowing up lungs *gags*
UK, we get em skinned with the head removed so it no longer looks at all hoppity hop :)