Friday, October 22

Pretty much how I felt Thursday morning.
We celebrated a little hard Wednesday night but have now quite recovered from yesterday's hangover. And so, thank you, everyone for your congrats to Mr Brown, he's quite chuffed with the all the comments from you all, my virtual friends :)


Zoomie said...

Another round of kudos is in order! Go Brown!

cookiecrumb said...

Holy s**t! That photo.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, yep & there's still more fizz in the fridge :)
Cookie, I NOES! Buggered if I can remember where I found it though, I'd love to credit the photogropher!

Pink Granite said...

Oh Good Lord!
I thought it was something the cats dragged in!
Which, now that I think about it, also works as an illustration of how you were feeling!

Hurray for Mr. Brown - and fizzy!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, if the girls had brought that in I may have given a girly scream! It was, indeed, pretty much how I felt tho :)

Zee Poodle said...

Oh that pic is so darling isn't it! All fizzed out! (but with more fizz on standby - excellently arranged!) zzz

Ms Brown Mouse said...

CAW I think he's dead :(
Good to have fizz on standby tho, for sure!