Monday, October 11


... and how I love it so.
My bloggy friend, Ms CookieCrumb, recently confessed she was, once upon a time, an illustrator. I love picture books, especially children's books, they get the best pictures.
So then I got to thinking about my favourite illustrator and children's book. There are too many really, but if pressed I'd have to say for illustrator, Norman Lindsay.
Now Mr Lindsay is most famous, I'd say, for this sort of thing. Plump, sexy ladies. Plump, saucy ladies.Pretty, plump ladies.
Then there's the cats.Mr Lindsay also 'got' cats, he captured them perfectly. He had fun with them too. And then there's this, if pinned to the wall I'd have to pick Mr Lindsay's The Magic Pudding as my favourite children's illustrated book. With picture like these, how could I not?I have such a battered copy, a remnant from my childhood. How I wished I could have a tree house like that one. I'd lie on the floor gazing and gazing at that particular picture. Perhaps that's where the germ of an idea of gardening for myself first wormed its way into my little mouse brain.

In other news, something on teh Internets* has given me a massive case of shitty-give-a-dams, so I'll be taking a little holiday, leaving it alone for a bit until I simmer down. Else I may post something I'll only regret.
Cheeryby, backsoon.

*Also, in googling teh Internets I saw something that made me want to vomit and then wash my brain, erk.


e said...

Gorgeous illustrations, thanks for sharing. I hope you return to a calm state of mind soon! :o)

cookiecrumb said...

So fine. I don't know him, but now he's my favorite too.
(I was never anywhere near as talented.)

Zoomie said...

I still love the illustrations in the Christopher Robin books. Few lines, no color, and yet all the charm in the world.

Pink Granite said...

Wonderful illustrations!

So sorry the trail of breadcrumbs through the internet led you to ickiness and worse.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

E - always a pleasure to share lovely things.
Cookie, isn't he just grand? The story too, of the magic pudding, is wonderful, old-fashioned wonderfulness.
Zoomie, I like the Christopher Robin pictures too, but Mr Lindsay is 'one of us' you see :)
Lee, it's always fraught with danger that webby breadcrumb trail.

Roo said...

Calm calm calm.. see you soon.

I always loved Maple Lucy Atwell's illustrations of cherubic kids ;o)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Roo, still seething a bit but pottering in the background :)