Thursday, October 7

Footballers ...

... they've been at it again.
Honestly, I'm beginning to get more than a little tired of this shit.
Blokes, if you are not sure if she's "asking for it" or not, read this helpful 7-point handy guide on how not to rape people. It may help.
Other men, of the non-rape type, thanks and please go and slap your fellow men upside their heads.Click to enbiggen the FirstDog cartoon - from here.


Zoomie said...

Loved the Guide to Not Raping People. Brilliant.

S said...

simple genius

Sue said...

Shew... this is hectic stuff. I also enjoyed the 7-point guide - some guys are really just plain stupid. Still, these are scary times and we need to protect ourselves as best we can. Thank you for the reminder.

Sue X

PS. Our current president was up on rape charges just prior to being elected. Charges were dropped after they agreed the sex was consensual. BAD!!!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie - it seems so simple and yet ... so many chaps get it wrong.
S - aren't you O/S atm??
Sue, I just can't get over the footballer thing, it frightens and disgusts me :(