Sunday, September 12

The "BEFORE" shots ...

... because you knew I'd have to do 'before' and 'after' posts, didn't you?
First, a small view, at the top you will see the second blue Mrs Neighbour chose. She didn't like the first blue we* chose, it was "too bright" verging on vulgar. Mr Neighbour called it "Kellyville Blue". Well, after that we couldn't come out and say we thought it was fine. So we agreed to a change, to this blue.
Unfortunately this blue is "hideous" and could not be lived with, not comfortably anyway. Again, Mr Brown and I didn't feel quite so strongly about it, but hell, she did, so we agreed to another change. Much more grey, Ironstone I think it's called. I don't remember. It's really, really, hard to listen and look like you give a damn all at the same time. That's next door, basically what it's all going to look like by the end of next week.I won't miss the redish brown, it's had it's time, I welcome the change. I certainly won't miss the front door. It's going blue, or grey, or whatever ... and Mr Brown has agreed to contact some glass chap to replace the green, red & yellow pane. I won't miss that either.I just didn't think it would be this fraught, this intense, this all-embracingly important (a colour consultant, an actual COLOUR CONSULTANT, was called out, twice!).
Still, I'm sure it will all work out in the end ... except, except, except she's now expressing quite strong opinions on the dragon. Nothing "too ornate" she thinks that would look "twee".
I'm not one for a dull dragon, if she veto's my choices I'll just order it anyway and keep it on the porch!

* When I say we chose, we didn't really, she did, it looked fine to me and Mr Brown so we said sure, we'll paint the whole lot. We'd been meaning to for years, it's just such a hassle getting quotes and the like. So NOT the colour scheme or exact style we'd have chosen but it's fine, it's livable and it will be a nice fresh look for the Brown Mouse House.


cookiecrumb said...

Ohmagah, your door is so great. Will Mr Brown find a pineapple glass worker? This is your chance!

S said...


Zoomie said...

Your neighbor has too much time on her hands. Buy your dragon (or, for you, I'd actually choose the possum) and suggest to her that she take up knitting, or good works for her community. The word busybody comes to mind, but perhaps she's nice.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, this door will eventually be replaced, but for the mo we'll replace the glass - I've requested pineapple etched glass - we'll see what we end up with :)
S - hmmm - which bit hmmm?
Lee, she is nice, just cares deeply about things I don't care deeply about, and to be fair, she has done all the work, all the bits I'd totally HATE doing :)

Sue said...

I LOVE your house! It's gorgeous and now I can't wait to see the after photos... get going!!

And I agree - buy the dragon if it's what you like!

Sue X

Pink Granite said...

Hi -
I think you meant "Z" not Lee, above!

I think she is a magical fairy dust sort of neighbor because she takes care of the getting off the dime part of home improvement projects!

Re the dragon: You could try a bit of reverse psychology and present her with a GINORMOUS DRAGON in some sort of ELECTRIC NEON color. Then, just before she faints dead away, whip out your "second" choice!

- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, you are quite right, I did mean Zoomie :) Still, it shows how much you are on my mind eh?
She is a lovely neighbour, just a tad ... intense, but such heaven after the drunken irishman and his cockatoo girlfriend!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Sue, afters on the way, but the painting is slow, it keeps raining and as everyone knows, tradies don't work in the rain!